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Below is a few samples of some of our recent cerakote work.  This is done at our Tazwell TN location but you can drop your projects off to us and we will get it to them.

Handgun / Pistol Cerakote Pricing:

Slide Only – One Color (stripped) $75.00
Frame Only – One Color (stripped) $75.00
Complete Handgun – One Color $150.00
Complete Handgun – Two Colors $175.00
Complete Handgun – Three Color $200.00
Complete – Custom design up to 3 color $250.00 + Add stenciled charge below
Revolver add $25.00
Distress Add- $50.00
Disassemble & Reassemble Fee $40 & Up depending on firearm

Accessories or extras for Pistols
Coat Barrel Only with Cerakote (Includes barrel bushing on 1911’s) $50.00
Coat Pistol Magazines – Each $25 with Gun(must be one of the colors on gun) $50 without Gun
Coat Pistol Magazine – Separate Color add $10
Hardware Only – $25.00
Charges that may get affect pricing on certain designs
Stenciling work add $30.00

AR Type Rifle & Shotgun Cerakote Pricing:
Disassemble & Reassemble fee $75 & Up according to Firearm
Autoloading – AR-15/M4 or AK
Complete Gun: Upper and Lower Receivers, Barrel, Handguard, Pistol Grip, Pins, and Controls
Also includes up to 2 mags One color. ( Does NOT Include stock — except on shotgun )
One Color $200.00
Two Colors $250.00
FN-FAL and HK-G3/G33, etc Surcharge – add to AR-15 pricing $50.00

Pieces Only
Shotgun Metal Only $165.00
AR Upper and Lower Receivers Only – One Color (Stripped) $150.00
Upper Only or Lower Only – $75.00
AR Upper and Lower Receivers Only(Stripped) – up to 4 color camo $250 + Stencil
Upper / Lower / and Handrail One Color – $200
Upper/ Lower/ Handrail – up to 4 color camo ( Stripped) – $350.00
Forearm only – (One Color) $75.00

Camo type designs
Three Color Camouflage Pattern $375.00
Four Color Camouflage Patterns $425.00
Five Color Camouflage Patterns $450.00
Four Color Kryptek Pattern ( Includes the high temp stencil ) 450.00
Coat 20/30rd AR Magazines camo (each) $35.00 with Firearm

Scopes And Scope accessories
Scope Mounts (One Color) $40.00
Scopes Standard – One Color C-Series $75.00
Scopes Target and Tactical – One Color C-Series (Includes masking of dials, etc) $100.00
Scopes Target and Tactical – Camouflage $200

Barrel – one color $75.00
2 Color Barrel – $100.00
Stock: Standard A2 or M4 (One Color) $50.00
Stock: Target Adjustable (MagPul, etc) One Color $75.00
Bipod – Broken down (One Color) $100.00
Bipod – break down and reassembly fee – $50.00
Magazines – $25.00 each one color Minimum of 3 Single Mag $50
Pins / Action bits and parts only – $50.00
Extra Color Charges for Accessories (Each Color) $20.00
Lever Action
One color -$250

Bolt Action Rifle Cerakote Pricing:
Rem 700 and similar – One Color – $225.00 – Complete Rifle(Does not include Bolt)
Bolt Action and Tactical 2nd Color surcharge – add $50.00
Bolt Action and Tactical – Three Color Camouflage Surcharge – add $70.00 to the 2nd color surcharge
Bolt Action and Tactical – Camouflage Four and Five Color Patterns – Surcharge (add to one color base price) $125.00
All metal including bolt – $175.00 – One color
Barreled Action Only – $150 – One color
Stock only – $100.00 – One color
Large Tactical Adjustable type stocks – $150.00 – one color
Large Tactical Adjustable type stocks – $250.00 – Camo up to 3 colors
Fiberglass does weird things when baked and we recommend NOT doing anything that is fiberglass….
That being said….. We will coat your fiberglass stocks and parts but you must know that We are NOT responsible for anything that happens to fiberglass parts if you really want them done.

Coat Bolt to match – $40.00
Bolt Action Rifle Magazines – One Color $25.00
Bolt Action Rifle Magazines – Each Additional Color $10.00

Extra Large Bolt action type Firearms
50 BMG Bolt Action Rifles – One Color $350.00
50 BMG Rifles Additional Colors – Each color, add $100.00
AR-30 and similar .338 Lapua and .408 CheyTac bolt action rifles – one color $300.00
Barrett 82A1 and similar semi-auto 50BMG rifles – One Color $500.00
Barrett 82A1 Magazines, ea – One Color $40.00
Barrett and 50 BMG Magazines – Additional Colors, each: $15.00
Four and Five Color Camouflage Patterns – Surcharge for .338 Lapua Tactical and 50 BMG rifles: add $250.00

Special Weapons:
Suppressor – $70.00

*NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior written notice. Not all firearms are the same and sometimes special circumstances may apply. We will notify the owner of special requirements upon receipt and inspection of the firearm and provide a revised quote before services are performed.